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Create cherished memories for your family, friends or meeting participants by planning your special event or celebration at The Pointhouse at Sargeant Bay

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Integrated into the rock of a rugged point, the Pointhouse commands the bay. It’s a strategic and inspiring setting to reflect on control of your business, your relationships,  your health or life in general while you chart a new course.

Board meetings, brain storming sessions, strategic planning, or all day workshops, art classes, yoga retreats and private functions. As either a meeting destination or a perk for top performers, few locations can match our scenic beauty, tranquility and proximity to the lower mainland. Whatever your unique requirements, our flexible indoor or outdoor spaces enable your goup to focus on facilitating a creative and productive meeting or a memorable special event.

Benefits of Pointhouse meetings or retreats
  • Natural light to stimulate your energy
  • Café and lounge atmosphere allows for casual working groups.
  • Additional seating/tables available for theatre style gatherings or expanded configurations.
  • Breakout areas to facilitate small group exercises and interactions.
  • Media tools for all your communications needs. High speed wired/wireless network, apple TV, DVD/ CD, 55″smart TV
  • Relaxing outdoor spaces surrounded by ocean and forest offering you options to move your group outdoors or incorporate team building activities.
  • Private and secure

guest suites plus assistance arranging additional off-site accommodations.

Ample parking areas with EV charging capabilities.
  • Locally sourced food and meal catering options to excite your taste buds for working breakfasts, luncheons or dinners.
  • Real dishes, cutlery, glassware, & serving pieces to reduce waste.

Dedicated hosts; you’ll receive our full attention.
Facilities can accommodate a variety of meeting styles and sizes:
  • Kwéx Pavilion- 900sqft outdoor covered area
  • Welcome foyer- a sun-filled conservatory
  • Main lounge- open multilevel view space
  • Media lounge- integrated media 55” smart TV
  • Teahouse studio-a retreat for reflection, yoga, massage or exercise

Please contact us for meeting rates & packages