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Our private waterfront estate is a unique backdrop for your meeting or special celebration.

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Rocky headlands, secret beaches, bleached driftwood, remnants of old-growth forests, and the Pacific Ocean are only a few of the natural elements that combine with West Coast architecture to make elopements, weddings, retreats and meetings at the Pointhouse at Sargeant Bay unique.

Just a short hop from Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast is a popular destination for west coast weddings and events. Whether you’re seeking an intimate private ceremony with just the two of you or you wanting to invite closest family or friends to the Pointhouse for a holiday with a small wedding thrown in or you’re seeking a private estate for a retreat or meeting the Pointhouse delivers on luxury.

The private oceanfront estate property boasts many enchanting features including a zen garden, Japanese pond, rocks, benches, lawn, lookouts, natural areas and ancient trees. Outdoor spaces range from formally elegant to wildly informal so you can pick the perfect setting for your intimate wedding ceremony, small meeting or memorable photos. Boutique accommodations and open modern interiors highlight exceptional materials, design and finishes that blend beautifully to reflect the spectacular location.

While summer is peak season for marrying or gathering, our mild climate makes off season dates attractive as well.  There are activities for every age group and physical ability, from shoreline or forest walks to some of the signature Sunshine Coast experiences.

Pointhouse Weddings and Events:
  • Exclusive: As a small boutique B&B resort you’ll be our only guests. We can cater to your  needs and schedule.
  • Intimate: Just the two of you or a few important family members staying with you to celebrate. Quality time and less stress since you’re not hosting a big party.
  • Natural: The stunning natural beauty of the setting renders many things extraneous. Favours, decor,  even flowers. Borrow driftwood and pebbles from the beach or forage greenery from the forest. You can save money, waste less, and enjoy the spectacular location knowing you are being kind to the planet as well.
  • Relaxed: Unroll a mat for an oceanside yoga session or book a  massage. Get out on the water either in a boat, kayak, canoe or your bathing suit. Spend time in the forest soaking up the atmospheric benefits and forest bathing.
  • Smooth: We’ve partnered with expert local wedding and event  professionals to give you lots of resources and support for your celebration or retreat.

Aside from the chic accommodations, guests can enjoy these exclusive services and facilities:

    • Private beach
    • Scattered rocky waterfront nooks
    • Dramatic 1100 sqft Kwéx Pavilion & outdoor kitchen
    • Zen Teahouse Studio
    • Wireless internet
    • State-of-the-art home automation/entertainment
    • Personal chef services as well as Massage/Yoga
    • Gardens, lawn, short paths, view points, natural woods
    • Hot tubs
    • Gas/beach firepits
    • Bike wash
    • Outdoor shower
    • On-site party supplies (tables, dishes, cutlery, glassware…)

A year round mooring buoy can accommodate boats up to 61 ft while a 30 ft seasonal dock (May to Sept) is available for smaller crafts, float planes or dinghies.

Interested in the possibilities?

Please check out our elopement, small wedding  or retreat packages. Events are limited to approximately 12 participants. If one of our packages sounds like a good fit contact us by email or pick up the phone and call us. Even better, come and stay with us so we can get to know you and you can get to know the Pointhouse.

There are lots of things to do on the Coast. We are happy to help arrange tours or activities for your small group.