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Logging on the Sunshine Coast has created a mountain bike bonanza with access roads criss-crossing the forests and hundreds of trails to challenge all levels of rider.

There is an active biking community busy maintaining and improving the riding and creating new trails, many of which are located just north of Sechelt in Halfmoon Bay.

World Class BC Bike Race

BC Bike Race participants come from all over the world.

In fact the whole coast is a network of fabulous mountain biking which is why it is one of the legs of the BC Bike Race that attracts riders from all over the world.

Head off from the Pointhouse to enjoy Sargeant Bay trails and other nearby regional parks. Guests are also welcome to join the local Halfmoon Bay group of riders for tuesday afternoon forays into the forest. The rides are fun, informal and a good way to explore the trails and meet some new friends.

Road riders wanting to escape busy city roads can easily cycle Hwy101 or quiet backroads with lots of scenery to appreciate. TraC, Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast has routes, transportation advisories, and various other initiatives to promote alternatives to car use on the coast.

We can also suggest local road routes if you are a recreational rider or training for a cycling event. Securing your bike on the estate is easy and there is an area for bike washing or tinkering.

Another attraction is the new Coast Gravity Parkadrenaline fuelled shuttle-assisted downhill trails expertly carved through pristine low elevation forest by the famous Coastal Crew for year round enjoyment. When other mountain parks are covered in snow, the Sunshine Coast still has great riding. Tickets can be booked online.CGP

If you would like to rent bikes or are looking for guided 1/2, full or multi day trips, downhill shuttles, info… Off the Edge is a full service bike shop in Sechelt.   604.741.0767

View local trail map. Link to local riding trail descriptions and interactive map.

Magnus Manson-Sunshine Coast on the Range

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